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WTI turns out to be a one-stop solution for all your forextrading needs and is always there as a beacon to guide you to understand the forex tactics better.

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About Our Company

"World Trade Investment"
about WTI

About World Trade Investment

Since our initiation in 2010, we have been right and faithful to our goals, vision, and mission. World trade Investment is a legitimate Forex Broker, i.e., devoted to make your Forex Trading experiences flawless, and professional. The founders associated with WTI believe in bringing Forex trading to the next level. They move forward to maintain the traders’ interests to the most significant extent possible.

Company Overview

"World Trade Investment"

World trade Investment is a reputed ECN Forex Broker with strong financial presence in the market. Our dexterity in handling technology has aided us to create a unique trading platform for traders. We have a unique ‘no dealing desk’ execution feature. This allows our customers direct contact to our Electronic Communication Network. With every trade, we guarantee Godspeed execution and first class liquidity experience.


As one of the Best Forex Broker in Asia, we aim to empower traders. Here we understand that not everyone knows about Forex trading. We believe in investing our time and knowledge for every client to educate them in Forex trading. Our goal is to coach our clients all the tricks of trading so they can make rational, intelligent and informed decision. We strive to make the Forex market approachable to as many individuals as possible, so they can reap benefits from it. We deliver insightful market news, educational materials and comprehensible trade analysis to our traders for effective trading.


We provide Services to individual and institutional traders, hedge funds, commercial entities, brokerage firms, and money managers around the world. Traders are supported in their daily online trading with the most up-to-date and reliable trading information including daily trading analysis and market reviews as well as daily and weekly video reviews. That confidence has translated into amazing success World trade Investment traders, with the numbers of new traders increasing rapidly. World trade Investment is more than just a Forex broker and provides a second to none trading experience leading to the success of our traders in the online Forex markets.

Company History

World Trade Investment
Kickstarted with necessary solutions:

In 2010, we launched a platform in a 5-7 seater room with an aim to provide Finance andBPO Services. We had no clue how far we would be going following the same. But, the understanding and belief that we will provide unmatchable services to our clients helped us to keep going.

Beginning Team

Knowing the fact that in this fast, and evolving world, wasting time may prove to be harmful; the company attained a significant pace in the beginning 2-3 months and started to grow. The enlarging company then needed some new recruitments to help in accomplishing various operations. That’s


Acknowledging the Forex Platform

By this time, we became a well-known firm to promote the Forex Trading. The company grew to a considerable extent in a short span of time. We had been working for more than five years and had hands in hands with some of the biggest traders in the Foreign Exchange industry.

Bracketed Employees

Following a continuing series of ups and downs, the company witnessed a significant fall due to some internal politics caused by some members associated with the organization. December 2016 proved to be the darkest month for the company, and it faced a lot of problems regarding funds, employees, work-flow, customers’ dissatisfaction, and much more. In these adverse circumstances, some employees turned out to be family and stood up just like an everlasting support system for the company, and their efforts helped the company to reach all new heights.


We’re Constantly Growing

The company always manages to stand still in all the storms, and every time, even more firmly. The company has set an aim to deliver customer-centric services in all the possible areas related to finance. The company has been turning all the challenges into opportunities and intends to do the same in the future.

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