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Be it W-standard, W-premium, or any other forex account type; you can choose the suitable one as per your flexibility with unchanging and flawless services from WTI's experts.

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"World Trade Investment"

Explore all the types of trading accounts, such as, W-standard, W-premium,W-pro, W-elite, and W-fix. Also try your hand at W-crypto account while investing your bitcoins to trade.

Get advice of financial professionals, analyze your risk tolerance, capability to invest initially, and the amount of time you can contribute to trading.

Understand the market, and decide the type of trading account you're willing to put your efforts, and investments into.

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"World Trade Investment"
  • W-Standard

    It is the most used & generalized type of account to invest into. The investment structure is designed by keeping all types traders in mind.

  • W-Premium

    The premium account is suggested to experienced traders only, who are willing to invest higher amounts to attain higher returns & profits.

  • W-Pro

    It is also suggested to professional traders, who can deposit comparatively higher amount than premium ones, and trade on lower spreads.

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  • W-Elite

    In the Elite category, the spread reaches up to 0.6 having deposit more than that of Pro type, with maximum lot size tending to infinity.

  • W-Fix

    In the Fix type, traders can deposit within a range from $500-$1000 as per their convenience, while witnessing increased leverage possibilities.

  • W-Crypto

    As the name suggests, it allows traders to invest using their bitcoins (0.078BTC), with spread value of 0.5 & maximum leverage-investment ratio.

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