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Welcome to World Trade Investment

Since our initiation in 2010, we have been right and faithful to our goals, vision, and mission. World trade Investment is a legitimate Forex Broker, i.e., devoted to make your Forex Trading experiences flawless, and professional. The founders associated with WTI believe in bringing Forex trading to the next level. They move forward to maintain the traders’ interests to the most significant extent possible.

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Live Cross Rates

We Love What We Do

Company History

This timeline details our funding and development goals.

In 2010, we launched a platform in a 5-7 seater room with an aim to provide Finance and BPO Services. We had no clue how far we would be going following the same. But, the understanding and belief that we will provide unmatchable services to our clients helped us to keep going.

Knowing the fact that in this fast, and evolving world, wasting time may prove to be harmful; the company attained a significant pace in the beginning 2-3 months and started to grow. The enlarging company then needed some new recruitments to help in accomplishing various operations. That’s why some new employees got hired and promoted the company to grow more and more.

By this time, we became a well-known firm to promote the Forex Trading. The company grew to a considerable extent in a short span of time. We had been working for more than five years and had hands in hands with some of the biggest traders in the Foreign Exchange industry.

Following a continuing series of ups and downs, the company witnessed a significant fall due to some internal politics caused by some members associated with the organization. December 2016 proved to be the darkest month for the company, and it faced a lot of problems regarding funds, employees, work-flow, customers’ dissatisfaction, and much more. In these adverse circumstances, some employees turned out to be family and stood up just like an everlasting support system for the company, and their efforts helped the company to reach all new heights.

The company always manages to stand still in all the storms, and every time, even more firmly. The company has set an aim to deliver customer-centric services in all the possible areas related to finance. The company has been turning all the challenges into opportunities and intends to do the same in the future.

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Happy Customers

World Trade Investment is undoubtedly the best in the market. I learnt Forex from the World Trade Investment experts and my learning experience so enjoyable.  They held my hand through all my trades. With their support I have doubled my account in 2 months while doing my full time job.

Mahesh Khatri(Invest Broker)

I am working with World Trade Investment for many years now. I have witnessed continuous growth in the company in terms to services, technology, education etc. One thing which has not changed in all these years in the customer service attitude of your team. I really admire the support and always recommend World Trade Investment to my family and friends.

Maniraj Patel(Professional Trader)

Risk Warning: Foreign exchange trading, commodity futures alternatives, on-exchange & over-the-counter products come up with high-risk levels and may not prove to be suitable for all the investors. Though the leverage associated with the forex trading may involve significant losses, as well as high gains. The past trading strategy or procedure has nothing to do with the future outcomes as it depends on the market volatility; so, nothing should be interpreted as a forecast of future execution. You should consider whether this trading is suitable for you or not, on your own risk. It all depends on your ability to take risks. While, in need of any expert advice, you may ask any independent financial advisor.

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