Negative Balance Protection

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Don't lose using Negative Balance Protection

World Trade Investment top priority is making your trading experience great by providing negative balance protection to all our clients: Our risk management system ensures that the client cannot lose more than he initially invested. If the balance becomes negative due to Stop Out, World Trade Investment will compensate the amount and adjust the account balance to zero.

  • Debt Prevention
  • No losses beyond initial Deposit
  • Resets back to zero Automatically

World Trade Investment guarantees that your risk is limited only to the funds you have deposited into your account. Please note that the negative balance protection does not include any debt payments from the Client. Therefore, our clients are protected from losses beyond their initial deposit.

  • Set your Stop Loss
  • Use leverage Responsibly
  • Take care of your Trading volumes

Situations, when account balance is prone to becoming negative, might take place upon significant economical events, when sudden market movements drastically affect the value of assets. Due to high volatility and price gaps, a customer can lose his/her equity. World Trade Investment compensates the account balance to zero.

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