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Earning with Referrals is not a Big Deal Anymore

Each and every verified non-paid referral will be rewarded with $5 for both the parties, the referrer and the referred person.

If you desire to claim your referral reward in a proper manner, then you need to provide a minimum number of 5 well-verified non paid referrals as per the company policies. However, you will also be eligible to claim your reward if any of your referrals turns into a valuable paid client of the organization.

Another prime factor to remember is, if any of your referral becomes a paid consumer of the company, then you will instantly receive 20% of their invested amount, which is specified as ‘Separate Referral Reward’. For example, you are able to provide 5 referrals. Once your referrals successfully complete their basic documentation using your referral link or referral code, you will be eligible to receive $5 for each person, which means you will be getting an amount of $25 all total.

On the other hand, when any of your referrals turns into a paid client of the company with a minimum investing amount of $100, then you will be eligible to get 20% of it and that is $25. Now take a moment to think, if all of your paid clients successfully converts into valid investors with a minimum investing amount of $100, then you will be getting $20 from each client. In this way, you will easily be able to earn $100. In other words, after adding the referral bonus, you will be earning $125 in a fraction ($20*5 = $100+$25).

There are some certain steps to be followed to earn these bonus amounts that are briefly evaluated below for you:

Firstly, put your referrals in the ‘referral section’ or just send the referral link to your referrals through social media, E-mail or messages


All your referrals will sign-up with your referral link or code, and then they need to finish the KYC process


Then our verification department will call all of them, verify their profile and KYC documents. After that the team will mark the profiles as ‘Genuine Referrals’.


After this is over, both the parties will instantly receive the promised amount of $5.


If you desire to redeem your referral income, either you need to provide 5 genuine referrals, or try to turning any of the referrals as a genuine investor with a minimum investing amount of $100.

If you are unemployed in your personal life, but you are still keen to start trading with our organization without even investing a single coin, then the company can provide you a perfect opportunity that may suit you the best.

You can unhesitatingly be an affiliate and play a key role to help the company expand the business by taking part in some certain promotional activities that will be described to you from the company’s end. Through this way, you can get certain amount of reward in the form of ‘live trading account’.

To start your trading career with us, the below mentioned points must be followed

Just sign-up any free account on your website, and complete the basic KYC.

Once your account-verification is done, you will be able to see your own referral link or referral code in your dashboard

Then copy that link and paste it in all of your social media accounts and send them to all your valid whatsapp and E-mail contacts.

At last, explain each of your friends about the benefits of it. If some your friends are having enough money to invest, then you will be earning as well as them. As promised, you will be getting 20% of each of their first investment in your trading account

Once any 5 of your friends turns into investors of the company, you will be receiving $100 that will be provided to you shortly.

Apart from all these, even if none of your friends turn into paid clients, but still their profile and KYC documents gets verified by our team, you will still be eligible to receive $5 for each genuine referral. This way, if any 20 of your friends complete their basic documentation, then you will also be getting $100 in your trading account ($5 for each). This is how trade investment can lead you towards the path of profit, although you need to invest a certain amount if you desire to let your profitability touch the sky. Make a wise decision of getting in touch with us today to fetch more necessary information in this regard.

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